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We are the number one make-up brand of Turkey with 21% market share. We compete in the markets of 93 countries in seven continents, primarily in developing marke

We are a woman’s best friend with our fashionable and reliable make-up products. We welcome women into the creative world by providing them with colors and textures that will allow them to represent their style in the best manner. We believe that color is the core of the Flormar world. We devote ourselves to finding the trendiest colors to bring out the beauty in women. We believe that each color is an essential tool for expressing your culture and reflecting your emotions.

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Hobby Cosmetics was founded as a family company in 1974. Hobby Cosmetics initially entered the Personal Care market with its cream and lotions. Then it began to operate at other main personal care categories like hair styling, liquid soap and shampoo. Hobby has created brand awareness in the local market since its foundation. Hobby Cosmetics, in addition to this, exports to over 40 countries.


Suarez Perfumes & Cosmetics from Italy.


Lila Kozmetik is proud of ranking amongst the leading corporations of the world cosmetic market, with its principles of high quality production and fair prices, since the year 2003.

The Lilafax brand, which is being presented for the professional segment, Viored brand, which has both a professional and retail audience, and Sea Color brand, addressed towards consumers, are within the portfolio of Lila Kozmetik, enjoying its 10th anniversary.



Verona Products Professional is a multi-brand cosmetics company with Polish capital. We started our activity in 2003, and today we have a reputation and a place among the leading, national cosmetics manufacturers. We develop unique recipes of products for make-up, face and body care, hair care and coloring, and fragrances. Our cosmetics enjoy trust among customers both from Poland and from more than 60 other countries. We managed to achieve this through a combination of experience and passion, and by clearly defined values, which guide us from the beginning. In our daily work, we follow global trends, considering the quality backed up by research, unique design and originality. Our mission is to create cosmetics that our customers need. Quality and price of our products meet their expectations.